Le jardin de Jac(vocat)

Story imagined by Franny, Pokk, Shadi, and Zach, and facilitated by Priscille Cadart during the futurs proches workshop organized on 25/11/2021 in partnership with Eurométropole de Strasbourg and les Petites Cantines.

Thème de l’atelier :  Et si on imaginait un territoire dans lequel le mot déchet n’existe plus… ? 

Jacques stood back and examined the scene before him. Rows upon rows of greenhouses stretched into the distance. It was a good time to be in the avocado business. Part of that came from the fact that in 2050, avocados remained as popular as ever. The other part was that Jacques was the sole avocado supplier in Strasbourg. It was still hard to believe that he hadn’t done this forever : his old life felt more and more like a dream. His newfound success -and happiness- made him certain that avocados were his calling. Jacques was living his dream, and nothing could pull him from that.

One saturday, Jacques opened his shop in the farmer’s market. Frisy haired and oval-shaped glasses, Christine showed up at the shop, conversing about the new technology which would bring Jacques’ business a big upgrade. He found that it would be a great opportunity. They commenced the pilot project. This project got the kick start by expanding to other fields.

– Don’t you find it well-situated ?

– Let’s see

The couple -oops- the two people saw each other more often professsionally, but also in a friendly context. Something more than friendship was planted and love started to flourish.

Jacques and Christine stood together in his warehouse, gazing at a pile of avocado skins, several meters high.
– There must be some way to use this, Christine said.

– We can’t use all the compost it produces, Jacques responded.

They tried many ways to reuse the skins : creating decor items, drying them into chips, making tea.
– Ugh, that’s awful, Christine spat the hot tea all over Jacques’ white shirt.

– Well, on to the next thing.

The next day, Jacques was preparing to launder his clothes when he saw his white shirt. Leaping up with excitment, he grabbed the shirt and ran to find Christine.
« Look at this! » he exlaimed. His shirt was covered in light-orange spots. « The avocado ! It worked as a dye ! »
Christine threw her arms around him with joy.
« We did it! You’ll grow the avocados and I’ll use the skins to dye fabric! We’ll make a great team! ».
Jacques smiled at her, he got down on one knee and held up a ring -an old family heirloom- « We already do ».
And they lived happily ever after.